Tuesday 21 April 2015

Review: Essence Longlasting lipstick 01 Coral Calling

I've had this lipstick for over a year and the pictures and swatches have been ready for ages, I just never got around to actually writing the post. Since the wormer weather is finally here and we are putting a bit more color in our lives, I thought this would be a perfect time to post my thoughts about this lipstick.

The long-lasting lipsticks from Essence are quite praised to be a great budget option for a lipstick. I've tried a few and when I was looking for something brighter last spring, I decided to get the 01 Coral calling because everybody was raving about it.

It really is a very gorgeous coral shade with a lovely creamy and smooth formula. When applied it dries to a satiny-matte finish. It glides over the lips and doesn't set into creases, making it a nice option even for days when your lips are not in perfect shape.
The lasting power is quite nice for a drugstore lipstick; it lasts a couple of hours and fades into a slight stain, but doesn't really survive drinking and eating. It seems like a perfect budget friendly summer lipstick.

My only problem with this particular color is that I just can't seem to make it work on me. I'm not really pale and my skin has yellow undertones and the shade of the lipstick looks awful on my face. When swatched on the back of the hand (or when looking at only the lips) I love the color, but it just doesn't go with the colors of my skin.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


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  1. Nice short post; I think it doesn't have too look so bad in your face this lipie, and btw which camera do you use to take the pics? The resolution is really good!

    1. Thanks :) Mostly I use my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) and with a bit of effort and preparation the pictures turn out just fine :)

  2. It looks nice on your lips tho ;)

    Btw, have you seen my latest post? You are able to win a €25 shoppingcard!


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