Thursday 30 April 2015

Spring must-have Accessories

 My addiction to buying makeup was getting out of control, so I decided to put myself on a spending ban. Now that I don't leave all my money in drugstores, I have a bit of a budget left to spend on other things, like accessories, that I don't really buy that often. 

I loved focusing on accessories instead on makeup this month and have fallen completely in love with a few bits that I got lately.

 H&M necklace set (~13€)

C&A mint green wallet (~9€)

H&M backpack (~30€)

H&M loafers (~10€)

AliExpress bracelets (~1€ each)


makeup bag (~4€)

bracelet set (~2€)

necklace set (~4€)

 necklace (~6€)

I hope you got some inspiration from my latest finds!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Verižice iz H&M so čudovite, ravno moj stil.. jih moram nujno poiskati :D

  2. Wooow, raj. Pogrešam H&M, v tem mestu, kjer živim ga nimamo.. Prav žalostno...

    1. Verjamem, shoppaholic v meni sočustvuje s tabo :/ Mogoče je pa tako boljše zate, jaz potem prehitro ostanem brez denarja :P :)


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