Friday 24 April 2015

Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes

I had a big spring clean in my makeup collection and re-organized the way I store my makeup. I noticed that I have a lot of (way too much!) eyehadow palettes that I practically never use. To save some space and make room for the products that I actually love, I removed all the palettes I wasn't using regularly and was left with 5 that I absolutely love. That is where I got the idea to make a post about 5 of my absolute favorite eyeshadow palettes.

In this post, I'll list all five of the palettes and will later on write and post an in-depth review of each palette mentioned below. So, if you are an eyeshadow lover and want to see which palettes I adore, keep on reading!

What I look for in an eyeshadow is color payoff, texture, longevity and how easy they are to blend. I am mostly drawn toward neutral earthy tones, but I still like to work with some color once in a while. I prefer matte to any other finish but usually go for a shimmery gold shade when I don't know what to put on my eyelids. I picked this palettes based on these criteria and by how often I actually use them:

Urban Decay Naked 3
Rose gold inspired palette with great color payoff and amazing lasting power. My favorite spring eyeshadow palette!

Urban Decay Naked 2
A great selection of neutrals with great lasting power and color payoff. This palette is an absolute must have in my opinion!

Cargo Cosmetics Let's Meet in Paris
Absolutely gorgeous shimmery shades in a gorgeous packaging. Amazing colors and impressing lasting power!

Cargo Cosmetics Vintage Escape
Another amazing selection of neutrals with really pigmented matte shades. Great for everyday makeup looks but has enough color for easy transition to night time. The lasting power is great!

Makeup Revolution Flawless
A budget friendly option for all the neutral lovers. This would be a great palette for makeup newbies, because of its wide selection of different finishes and colors. Some of the colors are shockingly pigmented and buttery, some are pretty average. Not really long-lasting but that can be easily fixed with a bit of eyeshadow primer.

Which palette would you like me to write an in-depth review of first?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Jaz morem definitivno začet bolj uporabljat Naked 2 & 3, mi pa Cargo Vintage escape prekrasno izgleda :)

    1. Jaz tudi včasih kar malo "pozabim" kakšna velika izbira je v Naked paletkah :) Vintage escape je pa super, se mi zdi da bo perfekten za jesen :)

  2. No super, zdaj vem katere se najprej lotit :) Včasih so take čistilne akcije prav fajn da malo na novo odkrijemo kaj vse imamo :D

  3. Same dobre paletke senčil :)
    Pa vidim, da so odtenki noro pigmentirani, še posebej tile svetli, nude :)



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