Wednesday 17 June 2015

Essence: Arriba! LE Hair Chalk in 02 macarena mint

I recently mentioned this product in my first impression post here, but since I didn't write much about it then, I wanted to post another mini review.

I can't really decide whether hair chalks seem too childish for a twenty-something woman, but given that I simply couldn't resist it, I'll leave it to you to decide about that. 

I was extremely intrigued to try out a product like that, because I've always wanted to experiment with my hair color, but never had the courage to actually have it colored.

Hair chalk seems a perfect way to try different colors, and a great something-extra for a music festival or simply for a fun day at the beach. 

I was worried that it wouldn't show up on my very dark hair, but was pleasantly surprised. The application is extremely easy, you take a bit hair, put it between the two sided tool and swipe the chalk down the hair. It leaves an almost opaque color and a slightly chalky looking finish.

The color payoff is great, but the staying power isn't that impressive. If you set the color with a hair spray, immediately after application, you will prolong the wear to about 2 hours.

Be careful with what you wear when using the chalk, because it is easy to stain the clothes with the fallout chalk.

Otherwise this is an extremely fun product, especially if you like experimenting with your hair without causing any permanent damage. 
With a price as affordable as this, this is likely to become my summer staple and I just might go back to get a backup or another color!

Have you tried any hair chalks? What are your staples for this summer?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!


your Beautysaur


  1. Ooo full dobro pride. Ampak glede na slabo obstojnost bom spustila nakup :)

    1. Ja, obstojnost res ni na višku, ampak je res kul za igrat se :D

  2. *jaw drops on the floor* Kako hudo izgleda! Ok obstojnost ni neka huda, ampak saj je dovolj :)

    1. :D Tud jst sm bla prevej naudušena nad učinkom :D

  3. Jaz imam turkizno, roza in vijolično iz prješnih kolekcij... z likalnikom greš čez pramen in se barva bolje obnese kot samo s sprejom ;)

    1. Z likalnikom preden pobarvaš s kredo al kar čez kredo? :D


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