Friday 12 June 2015

First impressions: Catrice Kaviar Gauche & Essence Nauti Girl & Arriba! LE

It's been a while since I was so interested in an Essence or Catrice LE Collection. I managed to convince myself, that I wouldn't buy any makeup for a while, but after looking at the collections online, I gave up.

The first thing I bought were a few bits and pieces from Kaviar Gauche for Catrice collection. This was their wedding collection and included lots of lovely, romantic neutral shades in an absolutely gorgeous packaging. 

I saw the collection in stores, and even though I fell in love with some bits,  somehow managed to not buy anything. Earlier this week I was online and stumbled upon the pictures of the collection again, and simply had to have it. I found it in an online shop Click2Chich here.

I ordered three pieces from the collection, the eyeshadow palette in C01 Once Upon A Time, the blurring powder pearls in C01 Sweet Secret and the gentle lip gloss in C02 Honey Blossom.

I used the palette today, and the shades are just what I expected. They are not very pigmented, but rather leave a shimmery luminous effect to the eye. The combination of light pastels in combination with a darker brown shade for deepening the look gives a fresh and romantic touch to the look.

The shimmer pearls were what I wanted the most. They are quite pigmented and give a slightly pink sheen with small golden shimmer. I might not use them in the summer, but I can see myself using them a lot in the winter months.

The gloss was a bit of an impulse buy, I'm starting to like the feeling of lip-gloss on my lips, and I decided to try this one out. It is quite thick in texture, but doesn't feel sticky. It goes on almost clear, giving any lip color underneath a lovely glossy cream finish.

Yesterday I went to the drugstore and found intact stands of Essence's Nauti Girl and Arriba! collection. I decided to get a few things to try from each.

The Arriba collection wasn't really my cup of tea, but I couldn't pass up the bright turquoise polish (02 macarena mint), because it's supposed to have a chalky finish. I also bought the hair chalk in the same color.

I haven't tried the polish yet, but I think it will be great for the summer. 
The hair chalk seemed a bit gimicky to me and I was worried it wouldn't show on my dark hair. After trying it, I am completely obsessed with it, it gives almost an opaque color when applied and gives my hair an awesome color vibe.

Nauti Girl was a lot more appealing to me. I love anchors (who knows why) and anything nautical and stripe-y, and the packaging of the collection is just gorgeous.
 Of course I had to get the cosmetics bag, because it was just too cute to pass up. 
The two blue polishes (01 ahoy, boy; 02 oh captain, my captain) caught my eyes, and after trying to decide which one to get, I got them both.

 There is also an eyebrow felt tip pen (01 ocean liner) in the collection, that I decided to try out, and a waterproof self-sharpening eyeliner (01 ahoy, boy) in a navy color that is absolutely perfect for the summer time. 
At the end I decided to also get the fragrance.

I tried the eyebrow pen and I am so impressed. The felt tip pen enables you to be very precise, the color looks very natural and it stains the skin, which means, that your eyebrows will look amazing throughout the whole day.

The eyeliner is lovely as well; it glides on the skin but has enough precision to make a cat-eye flick. The navy is just gorgeous and is a perfect for a summer look.

I painted my nails with 01 ahoy, boy which is a deep navy. The texture of the polish is smooth and applies evenly in thin layers. I needed 2 coats for opaque finish.
 It dried relatively quickly and left a lovely glossy finish. Sometimes the Essence LE polishes don' perform as well as the permanent line, but these seem to be just as good!

What were your favorite pieces from these 3 collections? Did you get anything?

 Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Super, tole kredo bo pa treba iskat ;) če je še kje...

    1. Ko sem jaz kupovala je bilo še polno stojalo :) (drugače ima pa Essencce v stalni kolekciji tudi neke krede, morda se splača tudi tiste probat) :)

  2. UUuuu maš lepe nohte..
    Mene je tudi Nauti girl po dolgem času cela pritegnila. Pa sem vzela samo oranžen in bež lak, pa nalepke. Lakca imata grozno pacasto formulo :(

    1. Hvala (: Moj lahk ima pa super formulo, nenavadno da so iz iste kolekcije tako različni O.o

  3. Hair chalk me je čisto pritegnil po tvojem opisu :) Sploh če praviš, da se pozna na temnih laseh. Pa Nauti Girl kolekcija mi je zelo lepa :)

    1. Bom ta vikend na morju poskušala kašne fotke narest, za dokaz da se pozna barva :D

    2. Pride objava s slikcami čez par dni :)

  4. Zelo lep moder odtenek laka :)


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