Monday 8 May 2017

Preview: Catrice LE ProvoCATRICE

Catrice have come out with a beautyful and sensual collection called »ProvoCatrice«. It will be available from May 17th.

I love the gorgeous packaging of this collection and it's sexy and feminine feel. The nailpolishes look beyond amazing and I'm very intrigued by the lip cushions. Scented powder with a shimmery finish will be a perfect addition to warm summer evenings.

Eyeshadow palette in C01 Une Touche ProvoCatrice
Volume Lash Dust in C01 Irresistible Eyes

Scented Powder in C01 Transparent Shimmer
Gradation Blush in C01 Raspberry Belle, C02 Berry Bow

Cushion Powder Lips in C01 Raspberry Belle, C02 Berry Bow

Nail Lacquer in C01 Provocative Pearls, C02 Mauve Magnifique, C03 RoSe docteur, C04 Berry Bow and C05 Silk Sense

Are you interested in any items from this collection?


  1. Oba izdelka za ustnice sta mi zanimiva, sam hočem najprej tester v roke dobit. Mam filing, da se tole sploh ne bo nič poznalo...?

    1. Tudi mene zanima kako se obnesejo, če so kaj obstojne in kako je z natančnostjo nanosa :) Sporoči kako bo če boš preizkušala :D


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