Monday 12 May 2014

New in my beauty stash #6

I've been shopping. Again! –I just popped into the drugstore, because I needed a new mascara and look what happened (no wonder that I feel like my money is mysteriously disappearing from my wallet). But the good part is that I have some new exciting stuff to share with you. Now that I am looking at the pictures, it seems like I am a bit obsessed with orange, doesn't it? Anyways, let's jump into what I got: 

Balea Waschgel –because I wanted to see how a really would make my skin feel

Balea San Francisco Hand Lotion –it was reduced to a ridiculously low price and I simply had to buy it (I later decided I’m going to add it to my mum’s birthday present)

Balea Mango Mambo Body Spray-it was so cheap and it smells like mango, therefore I just couldn’t leave it there

Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner with Apricot and oily almond extracts –I wanted to try something new and these just smelled really nice and fruity

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation- my current one was a bit dark for me, so I decided to go back to one of my all-time favorites

Maybelline the Colossal Volume Express Waterproof mascara –I was choosing between my beloved Rocket and this one and my friend pointed out that as a beauty blogger I should be trying out new stuff, so I had to get this one

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 01 Coral calling – More or less because lately I’ve been wanting to finish my makeup looks with a coral lipstick, and I decided to finally get one

I'll be posting some reviews of these products soon so stay tuned if you are interested !

Thanks for reading!

your Beautysaur


  1. super stvari! ta šampon diši božansko, jaz ga na laseh voham še najmanj dva dni po pranju :) pa tudi šminko imam, ki izgleda super na ustnicah :)

    1. Jop, božansko dišijo. Čeprav bodyspray pa diši najlepše od vseh, sem že čisto obsedena :)

  2. Mango body sprej <3 Tole mora božansko dišati.

    1. Božanski je. Jutri grem nazaj v DM in upam da ga bodo še imeli, ker bom najbrž pokupila celo zalogo :)

  3. super pridobitve. :)
    tale Garnier šampon in balzam moram sprobati. :)
    Tale sprej za telo Balea pa diši enako kot sprej, ki so ga imeli v DM-ih lani - Brazil Mango in je res super, pa še zelo malo se ga porabim. :) Jaz še celo imam malo tistega prejšnjega in ko ga porabim, bom zagotovo vzela še tega, za poletje bo super - malo osvežitve. :)

  4. :) včeraj sem šla v DM in si nakupila celo zalogo tega spraya :D

  5. Beautiful haul! The garnier duo looks awesome, or looks like it smells awesome.
    I always remember the vanilla line, 11,12 yrs ago, my younger cousin lending it to little me for trying out and the scent lingering in my hair for like 6 washes.. ^^ Almost a cult product imho. I could actually buy some again!
    I hope you like the essence lipstick, I was late to try their longlasting line as the regular ones dry my lips out like hell. But I'm extremely happy with my recent pick, 13 Love Me.
    Wishing you & the dogs a great weekend!

  6. Thank you for this lovely comment! The Garnier duo really smells divine, so good actually, that I don't want to use any other hair product after it so I can keep smelling the scent in my hair for days :) Too bad I am already running out of it -no wonder, I practically cover myself in it :P -I will have to buy some more! :) I think that this might be the first Essence lipstick that I've tried -and I really like it, I was just hoping that the color would be less neon-ish :)
    Thank you and I'll make sure to let the dogs know you say hi :P :)


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