Saturday 10 January 2015

Lush Haul

It feels strange talking about Lush products now, since I usually obsess over Lush at Christmas time, but there was a Lush sale going on at the beginning of the month and I also got some products for Christmas, so I'd like to share it all with you.

Last year, I fell in love with some of the products from the Christmas line, but I was on quite a tight budget, so I decided to wait until their Christmas product sale, where you can get the limited edition items for half the price, and stock up then. I went to the store on the second day of the sale, and there was almost nothing left. Still, I managed to get my hands on two Christmas gift sets that had some of the products I wanted to try.

The first one I got is the Happy Christmas gift set. I must say, I do not love the packaging of this one and would probably never look at it if it wasn't one of the last sets left. Luckily, I looked at the tag and saw the products inside.

The first product in the set was the So White shower gel. It has a scent of fresh green apples, which seemed a bit unusual at first, but I think I'll enjoy it a lot.

The second item in the set was the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. It's a scrub with big bits of sea salt and a scent of jasmine.

You also get a Baked Alaska hard soap in the set. It smells quite citrusy and very zingy and fresh. I'm not sure if I love it and I might give this one to someone who will appreciate it more.

The fourth product was a little tin of Million Dollar Moisturizer, and I was quite excited about this one, because I tried their Gorgeous moisturizer and loved it. It has UV protection and lots of moisturizing ingredients, and I'm excited to try it.

The last (but definitely not least) product in the set is the Santa's Lip Scrub. I really wanted to try this one and was quite tempted to buy it in December. Now I finally got it and I'm so happy about it!

Another set I got was Rudolph and this is one of those sets that come wrapped in a lovely scarf.

The first product I got in this one is the Golden Wonder bath bomb. Everybody was raving about these and I really wanted to try it. It smells lovely and looks so sparkly and gold.

The next product I was so excited about and it is a Yog Nog hard soap. It smells very festive and spicy, but luckily I love this scent all year 'round. I'm so in love with this scent!

In the package there was also the Snowman shower jelly. These are so fun and wobbly that I like having them just because of it. It smells nice and fruity and I think it will be very nice to use.

The last product in the set was Dashing Santa bath bomb. It has a gentle satsuma scent and some sparkle running through it –very lovely.

I also got some products from my brother for Christmas. The first one I got was the Christmas Eve bath bomb which smelled so nice, that I couldn't resist and used it on the last day of 2014. It was amazing, smelled so lovely and left me feeling so relaxed.

The other one was one of the Lush massage bars. I love these, they were my favorite Lush products for the longest time, but I've never tried the one I got, which is the Each Peach. As the name would suggest, it smells of peaches, and the scent is really nice. I can't wait for an opportunity when I'll manage to convince my boyfriend to give me a nice massage!

So this is the end of my Lush haul, I can't really believe how much stuff I got! 
I might do some reviews of the product when I get to use them properly, let me know what you would be interested about!

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur

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