Sunday 25 January 2015

Whittard Mango & Bergamot flavoured Green Tea

I don't usually do posts like that, but it think it is nice to change it up once in a while.

At Christmas, my boyfriend's aunt got us this tea as a gift. We're both quite fond of tea, and this was a very exciting gift for us. First of all, the packaging of this tea is absolutely gorgeous. The floral design over the white canvas with gold metallic letters is stunning. Inside the box is equally gorgeous tin with a gold cover.

What is says about it on the packaging:
This tea is a decadent and delicious blend of green sencha tea, petals and fruit flavouring. The combination of petals with mango, lulo and bergamot flavouring produces a sophisticated, aromatic blend, perfect for an afternoon indulgence.

The tea itself is a green sencha tea with petals and fruit flavoring. The green tea leaves are mixed with rose, sunflower and blue cornflower petals, which give the tea a lovely flavor and also make it look very pretty. Even by only opening the tin, you are embraced by amazing scents hiding in the tea. The fragrances of mango, lulo and bergamot make this tea a delicious treat.
The price however is not very affordable at 12€ for the tin with 50g of tea, but well worth the money if you love tea and like to indulge in something really amazing once in a while.

You can find the tea on the Whittard page here. If any of the Slovenian readers are interested in the tea, let me know, and I'll ask to find out if and you can buy them in Slovenia.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

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