Friday 16 January 2015

New In My Beauty Stash #9 -Italy Haul

At the beginning of January, me and my family took a little trip to Italy. There were amazing sales going on in the stores and I simply couldn't help myself, so I have another haul for you.

The first thing I found was a whole display of Maybelline Color Elixirs. They were on my wishlist for the longest time, and when I was finally standing in front of them, I had a hard time deciding, which color to get. At the end I chose the 710 Rose Redefined, which is a lovely soft pink color. I think I'll really enjoy this product!
The second store I had to check out was the Kiko store in the Palmanova Outlet Village. There were some products from their line that I wanted to buy for the longest time. I was completely overjoyed when I found them in the sales section. 
The first product was the Top Pairs blush duo in 03 Rosewood and Azalea. First of all, I love the packaging of this collection but the blushes in here are stunning as well. The first blush in here is a darker color with a pearl finish, the other one is brighter, more vibrant blush with a matte finish.
The second product I got from the same collection is a Sculpting bronzer and highlighter in 01 Radiant Honey. It has two shades of bronzer, both with a matte finish and a yellow toned highlighter with lots of gold shimmer.
I also found the Colour Shock long lasting eye shadow in 109 Pentagram Navy which is supposed to act as eye shadow and eyeliner as well.  It is a very dark navy color with some very tiny silver shimmer. It seemed like an interesting product, and since it was also in the sales section, I decided to get it as well.
While browsing through the permanent collection, I found this Smart Lip Pencil in 712. The color is almost identical to my all-time favorite lipstick from Deborah which got discontinued, and I am so glad that I found something to replace the lipstick once I finish it completely.
Just as I decided to go and pay for what I picked, I spotted this set of roll-on fragrances. I've been trying to find a good roll-on perfume for ages, and once I sniffed these, I was in love. There are three roll-ons in the set. The first, Turquoise has the notes of tiare and neroli, the Yellow has notes of vanilla and orchid and the Coral has notes of frangipani and coconut. The price was amazing, since I also found them in the sale section for less than the half of the original price.
The last brand I wanted to find was Rimmel, because I wanted to get a new foundation. I had my eye on the Lasting Finish foundation for a while, so I picked up two shades, the first is 103 True Ivory for the winter months, and the 203 True Beige to mix with the first one once I get more tanned.
I'm so happy with the products I found, with the amazing prices in the sales and with the lovely day I spend with my family. More in-depth reviews will follow after I properly test these out.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur


  1. Wau same lepe pridobitve :D Tele Maybellinčke si js tut ful želim sprobat upam da bo kmalu sreča na moji strani :D

  2. Tole je bil res uspešen nakup ja, bolj kot ne obožujem vse kar sem kupila :D Maybelinne Elixir pa uporabljam vsak dan odkar sem ga dobila, prav obožujem ga -in to jaz ki ne maram glosov :D

  3. Wow, Kiko stvari izgledajo super. Elixir-ji so pa res amazing! :D

  4. Uuuu kk dobr zgleda tale blush ! :)

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