Saturday 31 January 2015

Yves Rocher Framboise Eau de Toilette

A few years back, my dad got home from a business trip, and he brought me and my mum two perfumes as a gift. They were two little perfumes by Yves Rocher a vanilla one and a strawberry one. At the time, I was in love with them but we finished them very quickly and I more or less forgot about them.

Before Christmas, my parents and I spontaneously decided to go to Zagreb, and in a shopping center there, we stumbled upon the Yves Rocher store. There I saw the perfumes again and remembered how much I enjoyed them. At the time I decided not to get one, because I spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts for others.
When I opened the gifts on Christmas, I was surprised to find this bottle in one of them. My dad kindly bought one for me. He picked the Raspberry one, and because I am not that fond of raspberries, I would never pick this one myself. I am so glad that he picked this one, because I love it. The scent is so lovely; it is really fruity and fresh, but still sweet enough for my liking. The fragrance strongly reminds me of the Nivea Raspberry Lip Butter.
This product is a lovely everyday fragrance. I'd say that it is more suited for the daytime, because of its freshness, but I also love mixing it with stronger, sweeter fragrances for the evening. The staying power is very good, it does fade a little, but I can still smell the product on my wrist after a whole day.

P.S.: As you might have noticed, I more or less posted only new additions to my collections during January. I did buy some stuff myself, but most of them were gift. I'd just like to take this opportunity, to say how lucky I am and that I am really thankful for all the gifts and the amazing people in my life.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. Hi, Ana! :) I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and I love it. I believe you deserve to be nominated for the Liebster Award! If you feel like participating, click on the link to my blog and there you will find all the information and questions for you. Love, Vesna

    1. And I have to add that I love the Yves Rocher eaux de toilettes. I currently have small bottles of Vanilla and Peach ones, and Tendre Jasmin from another collection. They're so lovely! :)

    2. There is a Jasmin one? I need that in my life asap!! :)

      Also thanks for the nomination and I am really happy that you enjoy my blog! :) :D

    3. Your welcome! And yes, I even dedicated a whole post to it, it's actually a part of their Secret d'essence collection, you can read a few things about it here :)

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