Friday 3 April 2015

AVON goodies - first impressions

 Today the postman brought me a lovely package from AVON. They contacted me a while ago, wandering if I wanted to test their new daily cream. The package arrived today and it also included an eye pencil and a lovely lipstick.  

 Nutraeffects Active seed complex Hydration Daily Cream

 The new formula is supposed to be enriched with seed complex and chia seeds, that are ment to be full of antioxidants and help to fortify the skin's barrier. They say it is suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, allergy tested and free of parabens and dyes.
It should help to protect the skin from wind, cold and dry air while locking in moisture. The cream has the SPF 15 and is supposed to provide 48 hour moistuirzation.
 It has quite strong, fresh scent that disappears a few minutes after application. It feels very light but also very moisturizing. It sinks into the skin very quickly but leaves it feeling very moisturized. I applied it this morning, and my skin still feels firm and very moisturized. I'll have to use it for a while to form a full opinion, but for now, this seems very promising.

Should be available soon at:

Big Colour Eye Pencil in silver bling

 I had no makeup on when I got the package so I decided to test the product right away. This eyeshadow stick didn't seem too impressive at first, but I was quite surprised after I used it. It applies quite »wet« and gives you a few second of blending time, before drying and setting. I got a silver one and it has quite a lot of glitter in it. When it sets, the glitter stays on the lids without falling down, which is quite impressive. If I was choosing the color myself, I'd pick a rose or a brown colored one, but I think I'll get quite a lot use out of this one.

The eyeshadow is available here 

 Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick in Rose bouquet

 The lipstick is the product that impressed me the most. I got the Rose bouquet color which is a very pretty dusky rose with a slight red undertone. It looks quite red in the tube, but seems more berry-like on the lips. 

It applies very smooth and feels almost gel-like when on the lips. The color is almost opaque after first application and the finish looks very shiny and pretty, almost as if you put a gloss on top. 
It stayed on my lips for about two hours, leaving behind a very natural looking rosy stain. It left my lips feeling very moisturized and I like that it has an SPF 15, so I don't have to worry about sun damage on my lips.

 The lipstick is available here

Thanks to Avon for sending me these products, I am very excited about the lipstick and will probably get a lot of use out of the moisturizer as well (and my mum already tried to steal it from me!). 

Intrigued by any of the products? What other products do you suggest I try from Avon?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

your Beautysaur

*the products in this post were sent to me for reviewing purposes. All oppinions expressed in this post are my own.  


  1. Vidim, da smo kar različne stvari dobivale :) Imam pa sama tudi že en drug odtenek te šminke in mi je sama tekstura zelo všeč, mislim, da bom mogoče celo morala naročiti še ta tvoj odtenek, ker mi krasno izgleda :)

    1. Ja, se mi zdi dobra "poteza" z njihove strani, bomo hotle zdaj še vse drugo sprobat :D Odtenek je pa res lep ja :D Textura pa super! :)

  2. Meni so te šminke res ena najboljših formul, kar jih imam:). Imam zdaj že ene 5 odtenkov tako zelo so mi všeč:). Krema mi je tudi odlična. Najbolj mi je všeč, da me en iritira in da pusti tak res sijoč film na obrazu. Sploh odlično zdaj, ko je moja koža zelo suha od te zime letos:). Jaz bi ti priporočala še kakšen primer za oči od Avona, meni je odličen. Pa mogoče Morrocan Oil in kakšen izdelek iz Planet Spa linij. Meni so všeč nekatere njihove maske za obraz:).


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