Monday 14 December 2015

Blogmas Day 14: Jessup Brushes

When it comes to brushes, I'm always looking for something soft, durable and versatile, that won't break the budget. A while ago I ordered a set of the Jessup brushes and since than I knew I will be making another order sometime in the future.

Around the time of the Black Friday sales I found a great deal for a new set of Jessup brushes and they have finally arrived. Even though I actually bought these for myself (might have to share some with my mum tbh), they would make a great present for a beauty lover and that's why I thought I'd share them with you today.

Powder / Blush brush
Tapered Face brush
Large Powder brush

Love the tapered face brush, it will be perfect for blush or bronzer or even applying powder to the harder-to-reach areas of the face. The big fluffy brush will be amazing for applying setting powder.

Large Concealer brush
Large Fluff brush
Duo Fibre Powder / Blush brush
Tapered Highlighter brush

I'm so incredibly excited for these, I've been really into wearing highlighter lately and they will be great, and the duo-fibre brush will be amazing for blush.

Small Tapered Blending brush
Tapered Blending brush
Blending brush

Even though the white ones are slightly stiff, the black one is very soft and will be absolutely perfect for blending eyeshadow, I've been missing a brush like this in my collection.

Small Eyeliner brush
Lip brush
Flat Definer brush
Short Shader brush
Concealer brush

The shader brush is always a useful tool, especially in the festive season when I like to add some gold under my eyes and the lip brush is so tiny and easy to transport as it has a metal lid attached –perfect to carry around in the hand bag.

Even though there are a few brushes that I'm not really impressed with in this set, I think the vast majority is amazing and am so excited to incorporate them in my makeup routine. My other set has been with me for over a year not and is still in great condition, therefore I have high hopes for these as well.

See you tomorrow!

your Beautysaur

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