Monday 10 March 2014

Bloom me up! Essence LE Haul

Hello babes, I am back and I have an exciting haul for you all! Last month I wrote about the LE Essence Bloom me up! collection and now I want to show you what I actually bought. 
I was lucky to pop into Müller just as they put the tools out on the display. The brushes were gone in minutes! 
(I have to admit that I have searched almost every drugstore in Ljubljana, trying to find the blush brush but there was none left. I was still am quite upset because that was the one I was most excited about.) 

But I found everything else I wanted, so here it is:

brush bag (01 ready to bloom)
big powder brush (01 lovely lavender)
eyeshadow brushes ( 01 blooming tender & 01 blow my mint)

duo eye pencil (01 bloomylicious)
duo eye pencil swatches (left: brow lifter, right: inner rim)
Thor aka Minisaur posing with shimmer powder :)
shimmer powder (01 rose it up!)

shimmer powder swatch (left from the eye pencil lines)
eyelash curler (01 lovely lavender)
nail polishes (04 chaising lacy, 01 blow my mint, 02 lovely lavender)
Are you planning / did you get anything from the line?
Thanks for reading!
your Beautysaur
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  1. To kolekcijo iščem že cel teden, pa je nimajo nikjer :( sem bla v treh DMih in v dveh Mullerjih, pa nisem našla. Drugače pa lep nakup :)

  2. Čopičev ni nikjer več, make-up sem pa našla v DM v Interšparu na Viču in v DM v Qulandiji v Kranju :)

  3. barve lakov so čudovite :))


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