Monday 24 March 2014

Labello Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

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With the warmer weather coming up, I find it strange to use very heavy and creamy scented lip balms on my lips, since they don't need just as much help as they needed in the winter months. Last time I was in DM (our drugstore, for those who are not familiar with it), using my discounts, I had one for a lip balm and decided to buy and try out the Labello lip butter in Rasperry rose.

First, I must confess something. I do not like most Labello lip balms. They are nice and moisturizing, sure, but they have this strange taste to them, that creeps into my mouth, settles into my throat and settles there. It doesn’t fade no matter what I do and leaves me coughing for the rest of the day. Not exactly a lovely experience!

But, last autumn, I’ve bought the other one that is available in Slovenia, the Vanilla and Macadamia one and I’ve been loving and using it throughout the colder months. It is amazingly moisturizing and softening and doesn’t have a recognizable taste (yay!). Also it smells amazing, sweet, creamy and warm, like a lovely dessert. So, because I’ve been loving that one for the winter, I wanted to try the raspberry one to see, if I will like it as well.

And, I love it! It smells really fresh and yummy (even though I usually do not go for anything raspberry scented). It is lighter that the Vanilla-Macadamia one but still thoroughly moisturizes my lips and leaves them soft and firm. It look like it might give you a bit of rosy color to your lips, but it only shows up as white frosty overcast if you apply a lot at once (if you do not exaggerate it will only leave your lips looking nice and shiny, so no worries there).

can be a bit hard to open
you need to use your fingers to apply it
it might leave your lips a bit white if you put too much on
lovely fresh and yummy raspberry smell
very moisturizing
feels very smooth and soft on the lips
isn’t sticky
a lot of product in a flat packaging that you can carry with you anywhere
reasonably priced
doesn’t have a weir taste

 If you like lip balms with a fresh and fruity scents, that are light and very moisturizing you will love this one! (I only wish there was the Caramel one available in Slovenia, I bet it smells as amazing as the other two!)

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