Sunday 30 March 2014

Pivoine Flora: shower gel and beauty cream

I've never been this obsessed with a body moisturizer before but now, I am addicted. The reasons  for it are these two gorgeously amazing smelling products from L'Occitane. 

I’ve stumbled upon the Pivoine Flora Pack one day when I was browsing through my mum’s bathroom cabinet. She wasn’t very keen on the scent, so I took them. I normally don’t like using body lotions and creams, so I put the cream in my closet and started using the shower gel. I’ve been reaching for it more and more, even over my Lush shower products that I usually love. The scent was growing on me and I was more in love every time I used it. Once, when I was really in the mood for pampering myself, I went and covered myself with the cream. The product seemed to sink into my skin within seconds, leaving it incredibly soft and moisturized and smelling utterly amazing. It felt like I was floating in a pool full of soft and gorgeous peony petals.

After that one time, I became addicted. I use the shower gel every time I shower and then jump into my kimono robe and apply the beauty cream (and then dance around the room feeling so fresh, and light and pretty).  It might seem strange but I have kind of been using the beauty cream instead of my perfume as well. I apply it in the morning and it leaves me smelling fresh, nice and florally through most of the day.

The shower gel lathers into a soft foam with a silky touch and gently cleanses your body. It keeps my skin clean but hydrated after every use.

 The beauty cream has a rich, almost gel like consistency that glides on so smoothly and sinks into my skin completely fast. The skin feels so hydrated, soft and gentle whilst smelling of lovely peonies.

The scent is perfect for spring because it is really fresh and clean but at the same time not-overwhelmingly floral. In the morning it seems to wake and revitalize me whilst I find it very soothing and calming in the evening. Knowing that L’Occitane carries so many products in the Pivoine Flora line I only wish I will be able to get my hands on some others (like a perfume, or a candle, or a hand cream, or a roll on, or… -well, basically everything!).

Have you tried anything from this line and what do you think about it?

Thanks for reading guys!

your (slightly addicted) Beautysaur
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  1. no, i didnt try, but i will


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