Tuesday 1 April 2014

Bed Head: After Party

Completely inappropriately packaged, a kind of an underdog in the beauty community but an incredible miracle worker. Ladies (and gentlemen) meet the hero who managed to tame my beastly mane into rather nice and manageable hair.

I think it was my mum who brought this unfortunately shaped thingy from the hairdresser's. I still have no idea how I began using it, but it must have been a certain act of desperation (after washing the hair which turns them into a chaotic mess on my head) to try anything in order to tame this monstrosity.

 Since then, we are inseparable. Wherever I go, it goes to, for I can't live without it. Even before I got into hair care, proper conditioners and oils, this product was one of my absolute must haves. I've gone through quite a number of these over the years and have yet to find something even remotely comparable.

Anytime I wash my hair or whenever it gets frizzy, I pop a small amount onto my palms, rub them together and then apply where needed. It instantly reduces frizz, sinks into the hair, makes it really silky and smooth as well as making it look all nice, healthy and shiny.

(P.S.: Girls, this is going to be your best friend after a night of partying. You don't need anything else but this to make your hair look great, no matter how wild or curly your hair was the night before!)

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