Saturday 5 April 2014

New in my beauty stash #3 - the Naked 3 palette

I am so very excited about this post! I run out of words every time I see this palette and feel like jumping around with joy anytime I use it! I got it as a prize from Živa at Nothin'Fancy. Really. (once more, Živa thank you so so so so much!) when she chose me as a winner of her Valentines Project. Today I just wanted to share it with you as I took some pictures of it the day I got it and am really excited about them. I've been trying different looks with the palette and everything looks so pretty on the eyes. I'm going to do a proper review once I get to know it a little bit better, but for now I hope you enjoy the pics!

First impressions: 

The colors are amazing and very lovely pigmented; they blend nicely, even though they have some fallout if not applied carefully. I was afraid they would not be as wearable because of the rosy tones, but they look great and offer very versatile options. The palette comes with a two sided brush, which is rather lovely (better than in the Naked 2 in my opinion).

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you in my next post!
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