Friday 25 April 2014

Travelling light

I had some trips planned in April and I was looking for a way to minimize the size of my luggage. Lots of products that I use come in a huge and heavy packaging that is a nightmare to pack and drag around. 
Luckily, I found these, which helped organized my stuff a bit better:

The best part is, that I found these in Tedi (a really affordable store here in Slovenia) and paid only around 1€ for all three. What a bargain! I wanted to try them out first, so I only bought one pack, but I will be back for more the next time I travel.

The first comes with a pump (and a little safety part which prevents the pump from spilling during travel). I decided to use it for my L'Occitane body cream (I raved about it here). It was a bit of a challenge to put it in, but proved out to be very useful on my trip.

The second one was a spray pump, and I poured in my Garnier micellar water. I really liked having it in a spray bottle, because it was so easy to control the amount of product I was putting on my cotton pad.  
 (This might be a solution for all the girls struggling with inconvenient packaging of drugstore micellar solutions!)

 The third one comes with a simple cap and at first I was going to use it for shampoo or conditioner but then remembered it was already at our sea house. So I used it for my bobby pins which turned out to be a great idea, as I managed to bring them all there and back. I'm going to store my bobby pins in here at home as well and I hope it will prevent me from losing all of them so quickly.
 (Take that, bobby pin stealing fairy!)

I liked them so much and they proved to be very useful so I decided to let you know about them.

Hope you find it useful and see you in my next post!

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  1. Tole je pa res uporabno & poceni. Bo treba it spet kaj v Tedija pogledat :)


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