Friday 28 March 2014

Essence "Like a day in paradise" perfume

Hello there! 

Today I am here with a perfume review for y'all so I'm just going to jump straight into it:

A while ago I ran out of my amazing, gorgeous smelling Alien perfume and I was in the market for a new, more affordable perfume. After browsing through the drugstores I came across a bunch of Essence perfumes and I must admit I was rather skeptical, since I've never before used a perfume by the brand. But I stood there for a while sniffing away and to my surprise I've found quite some of them to be really nice. Finally I picked this one, because the smell seems the most appropriate for the spring and summer.

First of all, let’s see what how they describe the perfume on their site:

a fine, white sandy beach, clear turquoise water and the pleasant feeling of the sun's rays on your skin. this warm, floral and sunny fragnance whisks you away on a trip to paradise and spreads a pure summer feeling with its lemon, magnolia, apple and coconut milk scent!

top note: peach, lemon, rhubarb, black currant
middle note: magnolia, apple, freesia
base note: sandalwood, vanilla, coconut milk

So, that is what they claim it to be, now let me tell you what I think:

Well, there sure are a lot of scents hiding in here. I personally recognize the coconut smell the most, which is exactly why it seemed suitable for warmer days. I also smell notes of sandalwood, black currant, lemon and magnolia. It is a lovely mixture of summery and floral scents. The packaging is simple but cute; I like the shape, the little ribbon on top and the simplicity of the whole design (some of their perfumed have very overwhelming packaging).

Overall, I like it. It smells nice, the fragrance isn’t extremely long-lasting, but is still ok. The lovely mixture of different scents is a perfect addition to the upcoming sunny days. If you are looking to smell summery, young and fun, this might be just the perfume for you. It is affordable and available in two different sizes in most of Slovenian drugstores (as far as I know).

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!
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