Tuesday 15 December 2015

Blogmas Day 15: Winter Accessories x H&M

This December I'm all about the Christmas and winter themed everything and snow themed jewellery is pretty much the perfect combination of the two.

While browsing in H&M I spotted the set of two gorgeous, snowflake inspired rings and immediately fell in love. After spending ages to convince myself that I really don't need them I walked away, but they did appear in one of my gift guides at the beginning of blogmas. 

A few days ago my boyfriend surprised me with a pre-Christmas gift and got me the set of rings I was dreaming about. In addition to the rings, he also got me the matching set of snowflake inspired earrings and they are all so beautiful, so I had to share them with you.

(As proven by my boyfriend) these sets are an incredible gift and would make any girl very happy. The H&M stores in general seem to have vast amounts of incredibly jewellery, where you can find something for any taste. Personally I really like their jewellery and I actually bought a few Christmas gifts from there this year.

Now, after all the ramblings above, let's talk snowflakes:

Set of Rings

The one that completely stole my heart is this double-sided snowflake ring. It fits nicely around the finger and feels secure enough to comfortably wear it the whole day.

The midi ring with a little snowflake and a tiny gem on the other side looks so great with a simple manicure and adds the whole look a bit more festive feel to it.

Set of Earrings

The set of earrings contained three pairs and I immediately fell in love with the bigger one, with a little gem and a snowflake under it. Even though they are all quite small, they still give the look a bit of sparkle and the snowflake design gives it that festive feel. Stick to the smaller, understated pair for a formal occasion and bring out the sparkly snowflakes for the Christmas party! (-but I can assure you I'll be wearing them even after the Christmas season is over).

Sparkly Antlers

While not really a classic jewellery piece, I had to share one of my favourite things I got from H&M lately. This cute headband with sparkly copper antlers are without a doubt my most worn item this December. I never wear them outside, but inside and around the house I tend to wear them all the time to get the hair out of my face. How cute are these?!

What are your favourite jewellery pieces to wear in the festive season?

See you tomorrow!


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