Wednesday 9 December 2015

Blogmas Day 9: Festive Palettes on a Budget

With all the festivities going on in December it can be hard to come up with different makeup looks to for every occasion. It's always helpful to have a good eyeshade palette that combines a mixture of neutral matte and shimmery products that can carry you through the day and night makeup looks. 

But, choosing one that doesn't break your wallet, (especially in the Christmas time when we tend to spend our money on others). Today I prepared a selection of affordable eyeshadow palettes that found their way into my makeup stash, complete with swatches and my opinion about each palette.

Essence Winter? Wonderful! TE 01 All Ice On Me

First of all, I simply have to say that I love this festive packaging. The snowflakes look so pretty on the palette, while a transparent lid still allows you to see all the shades inside. While the eyeshadows are not extremely pigmented, they blend nicely and stay on the lids. The matte brown at the right side is a gorgeous crease colours and I've been using it in most of my makeup looks. If you like the look of this, keep your eyes peeled as the TE collection should soon be available in the drugstores.

I <3 Makeup Death by Chocolate

Unlike many people, I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging and don't really enjoy the names, but the shades inside are absolutely gorgeous. Some of the shades are gorgeously pigmented and have a beautiful metallic finish and make this pallet an absolute must-have this season.

Essence All About Roses

After the Naked 3 palette started the obsession with rose-toned shadows, they appeared everywhere. The shadows in here are incredible, the texture, pigmentation and bendability are impeccable and the shades are simply gorgeous. If you like this kind of shades, the palette is perfect for you.

Catrice Chocolate Nudes

With a gorgeous selection of chocolate inspired shades, this palette is bound to please any chocoholic. Even though the lighter matte shades are not that pigmented, the dark brown matte and the shimmers are beautiful and work great to create a lovely nude look. If you are not very experimental with the colour on your eyes, this is just what you need.

Avon 8-in-1 Nude Shimmer

Even though this landed on my doorstep after I took pictures fort his blog post, I had to include it in here. With such a cute starry design and the shade selection this is such a festive palette. While the selection of the shades is pretty standard (but still gorgeous), the yellow gold shade is one you don't really see often and I love it. The finishes of the metallic shades are beautiful and the mattes work greatly with them.

Which one of the palettes in the post do you like the most? Which one would you choose for your festive makeup?

See you tomorrow!

your Beautysaur

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