Tuesday 22 December 2015

Blogmas Day 22: Festive Makeup with Avon

It's hard to imagine Christmas beauty product without somehow incorporating gold eyeshadow. There are so many different shades of gold available in the form of beauty products that you are bound to find the right one for you.

This year Avon surprised me with a lovely package that included a very festive looking eyeshadow palette (8-in-1 Nude Shimmer) and mascara (Super Shock mascara). The beautiful selection of brown shades makes this palette a perfect everyday staple, but it's the gold shade that makes it and essential for Christmas time. There is a mixture of different finishes that all look absolutely beautiful on the eyes.

A surprising thing about the palette is, that the little applicator actually proves to be the best way of applying the shadow –it's quite hard to get a good pigmentation when using fingers, the brushes work a bit better and the applicator is the one that ensures a very opaque look. It's easy to blend the shades with the brush once they are applied to the eyelid.

The mascara stole my heart the moment I tried it –it gives my lashes A LOT of volume, enough length and keeps them looking beautiful and natural at the same time. The big, long brush with plastic bristles is surprisingly easy to use on both, top and bottom lashes and the formula keeps my lashes curled and stays on throughout the whole day.

Even though the products are decorated with pretty stars, they would be a great addition to the makeup stash throughout the whole year. The eyeshadow is so cute and dainty, and can easily fit into almost any bag.

To create the eyeshadow look on the pictures I used a few of the shades to create a subtle smoky look, blended them together with the lightest matte shade and then used a wet eyeliner brush and the gold eyeshadow to draw a subtle gold line. Over the gold line I applied my favourite eyeliner and then added the above mentioned mascara to upper and lower lashes. With the shimmery white shade I added a bit of highlight to my brow bone and the look was done. The shadows worked great and lasted on my eyes through the whole day.

See you tomorrow!

your Beautysaur


  1. Zlato senčilo v paleti mi je prečudovito, čeprav paleta v celoti ni preveč jaz (because you know I love colours). Drugače pa ful lep look. :D

  2. Verjamem, zame je pa bolj kot ne perfect selekcija barv :D In hvala :D


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