Thursday 3 December 2015

Blogmas Day 3: Gifts for HIM

Buying for men can be really hard, especially when you are buying for men of different ages and interests. To help you out this year, I picked a lot gifts ranging in prices and sizes, so that you can find something for the man you’re buying for.

Most of them have shop-able links in the name, which will make it even easier for you (and yes, most of them do ship to Slovenia!).

Something that has a connection to music and can also serve as a beer coaster seems like a perfect gift right? These seem awesome and I think they would look awesome on a coffee table!

The wood looks so gorgeous and I love how different this is to all the other plain alarm clocks.

We all know a Star Wars fan who would love to have this in his apartment.

Useful and geeky, a perfect combination and a great gift for many men in your life.

5. Air Amp
My brother loves playing music and I know he would love to get something like this in his gift.

A cute little projector that can actually be used to project videos from your smart phone.

Not for everyone, but this would look great in the man-cave of the GOT fan. Who am I kidding, even I'd love to put it in my room!

This is my absolutely favourite gift from this gift guide. With a New York vibe, and also usable as storage, this would be perfect for any guy.

My boyfriend loves anything spicy and he would love to get this in his stocking. Also, I think that the Tabasco somehow makes the chocolate way manlier.
My copper obsession seems to have sneaked even in this gift guide. This mug looks awesome and has a bit of a nerd-y feel with the periodic sign.

Another spicy idea, but I think this would please many different-aged men. It's a fun and quirky idea, and he could also carry it around with him if he wanted to.

12. Tea To Go
For a man on-the-go who enjoys a hot beverage, this portable tea brewer would be a great gift.

Beer related gift is kind of a must for a mens gift guide, isn't it?  This is great for him to take on a mens night, picnic, and barbecue or simply enjoy it on the weekend.

How cool are these? They bring a bit of class to drinking tequila and look beautiful at the same time.

Seems that I have seriously dabbed into the spice rack as this is the third gift of the kind. An ultimate gift for any chilly lover.

This might seem like a bit of strange gift, but for a real foodie this would be an awesome stocking filler.

If you are buying for a book worm, these book-inspired candles would be a great choice.

For the musician in your life who is constantly looking for his picks, this would be an incredible gift.

Another food inspired post, which would be a really cool gift for almost any guy. I mean, who doesn't like bacon?

Last but definitely not least is the L'Occitane perfume that has completely stolen my heart. This to me is the ultimate manly man scent.

Hopely the guide proved to be useful for you and that you now have an idea of what to get for your man. I loved putting together all these ideas and if I could, I’d have bought them all for my dad, brother and boyfriend.

What are you gifting to the men in your life?

See you tomorrow! 

your Beautysaur


  1. Joj kašna dobra darila. Si morem prav shranit objavo ;3

    1. Hvala :) Ja, mogoče pa res, so darila kar primerna za celo leto :) (ali pa vsaj shranit strani s katerih so darila, ker se tam vedno kaj luštnega najde :) )

  2. 18 mi zmagaaaaaa, nora ideja in krasna darila:)

    1. Haha ja, mislim da bi bil kar koristen za kar nekaj prijateljev/znancev :D

  3. Joj maš dobre ideje! :D Kar kol je s Star Wars-om povezano mojemu sploh neb hotela prepustit, oz. bi se tepla :D Bacon soap??? Yes please!!!

    1. hihi hvala :D Vem kaj misliš, ubistvu bi večino teh stvari tud jst rada imela :D

  4. Super ideje:)
    Jaz sem mojemu možu letos kupila novo gaming tipkovnico.

    1. :)
      Z takim darilom si pa pomojem zaslužiš naziv "best wife ever" :D


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