Thursday 20 February 2014

Empties #1

The moment I've deciced to start writing the blog, I started collecting my emties for a post like this. So here it is, my first empties post:

Bioderma Solution Micellaire This was the best and most effective makeup remover I have ever tried. You can do wonders with just a little bit of the product on a single cotton pad. It removes makeup so quick and easy and leaves your skin feeling amazingly clean. I bought it on a trip to France where I got two of 500 ml bottles for just 15€, while Slovenian pharmacies sell it for 11€ for the smallest bottle.

Repurchase: Yes, but only if I go to France again, because current Slovenian prices seem crazy when compared to those in France.

Nivea Diamond Gloss shine finish hair spray I am really sad to see this one go. This was the product that made my hair so shiny and great that strangers came up to me to ask what I was using. It was light and didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or sticky.

Repurchase: Would love to, but I’m not sure if they are selling it anymore.

Nivea Visage Clean Deeper daily wash scrub This was a pretty decent face wash/ scrub. It was gentle enough for everyday use and I liked how the little bits made my skin feel very soft. It also lasted me a really long time.

Repurchase: Probably (again not sure if they are selling it anymore), but I have some more face washes that I want to go through first.

Essence SoufflĂ© touch blush (020 frozen strawberry) There is nothing that I like about this product, except perhaps the color (which doesn’t really count when it looks pretty only in the pot). I was given this for my birthday and was really interested how this mousse consistency would work on the skin. And it was awful. No matter what I did, the application was uneven, patchy, and if I tried to blend it, it simply disappeared. I kept in in my stash for a long time hoping to make it work, but now I’ve finally given up and am throwing it out (what a relief!).

Repurchase: No way!

CadeaVera Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes
Probably one of the cheapest wipes on the market but I love them. They have salicylic acid and zinc in them that help with acne and oily skin. I use them at night after I’ve removed my makeup, to make sure my face is really clean and to calm down all the breakouts.

Repurchase: I’m already using a new pack and have an extra backup in my closet.

Thanks for reading!

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