Sunday, 16 February 2014

New in my beauty stash #2

Hooray, the exam season is over and we can breathe easily again!
 I’ve spent the loveliest weekend with my family (and the dogs). Yesterday we went for a drive and ended up having an awesome afternoon by the sea. Today we went for a stroll to Ljubljana center, “climbed” up the hill to Ljubljana castle and ended our walk with a coffee on the sunny riverside. Somewhere in between me and my mum popped into DM for a browse and here’s what we got:

Schwarzkopf GLISS Hair repair Ultimate Color shampoo and conditioner

Bio Traitement Cristalli di Argan shampoo and hair oil

FA Floral protect deodorant Orchid & Viola

(my first ever!) Essie nail polishes (in lilacism and vanity fairest)

We were lucky to catch the last day of the Valentine’s Day offer, so everything was much cheaper. I can’t wait to try everything out and let you know what I think about the products.

(To be completely honest, Essies’s lilacism went on my nails the minute I got home and I must say I am loving the application as well as the pretty pastel color).

Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for reading!


your Beautysaur 


  1. Ti essie laki so res super :) sama sem tudi izkoristila akcijo.

    1. Jaz sem za akcijo na žalost izvedela šele dan pred koncem in sem v nedeljo tekla v DM in je bilo stanje že kar opustošeno :) sem pa postala popolnoma obsedena z lilacism in od takrat sploh še nisem nosila nič drugega :)


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