Tuesday 4 February 2014

Red is for LOVE (The Valentine Project)

 Hey guys! 
Are you excited for Valentine’s day yet? 
I know I am and that is why I’ve browsed through my beauty stash and picked out my most loved red (you know, they say that red is the color of love) products to share with you.

Essence Color & Go -113 Do you speak love?
Love the formulation of these polishes. They are affordable, easy to use, don’t dry out fast and last for a long time. This is more on the deeper side of the reds, looks lovely and really elegant on the nails.

H&M -Berry Love
Got this one quite a while ago in Austria. The packaging is so adorable and the color is vibrant and beautiful. It does requite 2 coats to achieve full opacity but stays on forever (I’ve always loved H&M beauty products!).

Maybelline Colorama
A lovely classic red, that is easy to apply, easy to wear and all over a really nice polish.

Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish -030 Double Decker Red
I mentioned this one in my London Haul and said that I got it as a gift with purchase. It is amazing! It’s such a bright, vibrant red color that applies evenly and dries incredibly fast. Needs a few coats to achieve opacity, but who cares when every coat dries so quickly. It’s the kind of color that everyione notices and compliments on it. Love it!

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint -06
This beauty is senior member of my beauty stash. It’s a berry red color that stays on for ever and ever (almost literally, it is actually hard to get of the lips sometimes, but a good makeup remover will do the job). It applies in a thin, wet coat, that dries into a shiny, vibrant and opaque color. As a bonus, it smells and tastes amazing.

KIKO Lipstick -22
Another senior, which I still love after all this time. This was one of my first reds that helped me master the red lip. It’s a brown toned red, which makes it easier to wear. It is a bit drying, but works lovely when applied over a lip balm.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss -021 Red Blossom
This one applies quite sheer with a little bit of sparkle and I usually wear it on top of my red lipsticks, to give them a little bit more shine. It’s a lovely lip gloss, good to throw in the bag for touchups on the go.

Essence Lipliner -10 Femme Fatale
I’m not the biggest fan of lip liner but some reds really work better with one. This one is my “red” red lip liner that works nicely with practically all of my red lipsticks.  

She Lipliner -004
Another lovely lip liner that is slightly more berry/pink toned. It stays on quite long and works nice as a berry red lip stick if applied all over the lips and topped with a gloss.

Catrice Liquid Lip Tint
Oh, this one is my long forgotten love. First of all, the color is amazing. Furthermore, it applies so smoothly, the color is buildable from a nice sheer layer to almost opaque glossy look that fades evenly into a lovely stain. Besides that, is smells and tastes amazing –sweet and cherry like.  (What else to use for Valentine’s day if not a lip tint that just calls for kisses?) The only downside is that is tastes so nice, it might get eaten from your lips J

Rimmel Apocalips -400 Big Bang
The latest addition to my red colored lip products that is quickly working out its way to the top. It applies opaque as a straight on bright red gloss and stays there. (It is transferable though, so might not be the best for going on a date.) -Otherwise, I love everything about it.

Maybelline Color Tatoo -70 Metallic Pomegranate
I’m a bit annoyed with this one because it just doesn’t look right in pictures. But anyways, this is one of my favorite cream eye shadows. It might look scary in the pot, but applies really nicely, more like brownish rusty color that looks amazing with golds and browns.

Essence Breaking Dawn Blush -01 Renesmee Red
I’m not much of a blush person, mostly because I simply can’t find blushes that will look good on me. I spotted this one quite a while ago and bought it, hoping it would work. And it does. It gives me that lovely pinched red effect on my cheeks. It is my all-time favorite amongst the few blushes that I own and actually use. I love pairing it with a cat-eye look and a bright red lip.

Here's how some of them look on:
Eyes: Maybelline Color Tatoo -70 Metallic Pomegranate
Essence Breaking Dawn Blush -01 Renesmee Red
KIKO Lipstick -22 & Rimmel Apocalips -400 Big Bang

(Check out the lovely Živa at Nothin' Fancy. Really. who started the Valentine project.)

So these are some of my favorite red products. Do you like any of them? What are your favorite red products? I’m almost definitely going to wear some of this product on a Valentine’s day. Can’t wait! 

Thanks for reading!


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