Thursday 1 October 2015

September Favorites 2015

Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette
It's not like I will ever need another neutral eyeshadow palette, but this one I simply couldn't resist. The color selection reminds me of the ever so famous Naked2 palette, but even though they look quite similar, I really wanted to test this one. It comes in a sleek, practical black box with a transparent lid and contains 12 shades. There is a good selection of mattes and shimmers, and a nice balance of darker and lighter colors. 
The texture of the shadows is really lovely and bendable, very good for a drugstore palette. They stay on my lids for good 6-8 hours and then start to fade slightly. It is a perfect travel-size, small and compact enough to fit in any makeup bag and versatile enough to carry you through lighter day looks to darker night makeup.   

KIKO Perfecting Bronzer 02 Medium to Dark
You might have seen my haul where I wrote about all the items I chose from Kiko's RebelRomantic LE. This bronzer was one of the items I picked, and from then on, became the only bronzer I reach for. It's a lovely brown (and not at all orange) shade that blends perfectly into the skin and gives the face that pretty sun-kissed look.

KIKO Intensely Lavish lipstick 01 Lusty Peony
Just like the bronzer, this lipstick was also a part of my Kiko RebelRomantic haul and it is absolutely gorgeous. From the rose-gold packaging to the incredibly smooth formula, this lipstick is incredible.  
The shade is one of those your-lips-but-better nude pink shades that compliments the skin and gives the face a healthy look.

Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6
These were previously known to me as the Lip Elixirs, but I guess they are named differently throughout different countries. The smooth and not at all sticky formula makes this line one of my favorite lip-gloss picks. 
This time I'm loving a bright berry shade that gives the lips a strong color with a shiny finish and a long-lasting formula (at least for a lip gloss). After the shine fades, there is a strong even berry stain on the lips and the lips look great for hours and hours.

Ebelin mini sponges
As I already mentioned in my haul post, these sponges caught my eyes mainly because of their cuteness factor. They are very soft and spongy and expand to almost once their size when dampened. I love using them for blending my concealer and other cream products.

L'Oreal True Match Concealer & Maybelline FitMe! Concealer
Both of these were mentioned in a few of my recent posts, and there is a good reason for that. They are both great concealers, very similar when talking about coverage and bendability. The formula of both is very smooth and light and they managed to at least slightly replace my beloved Collection concealer.

Balea Anti-Falten Augen Creme Q10
For quite some time now, I've been noticing that my under-eye area often looks dry and tired. On my birthday I decided it was time to start exploring the world of eye creams and decided to try this one. I love the way this makes my under-eye area feel very moisturized, soft and healthy. It's quite a thick and nourishing formula that I prefer using in the evenings.

Golden Rose Rich Color nail lacquer in 106
This line of nail polishes was one of my favorites since forever, and now that the brand is available in Slovenia, I got to try some more shades. This one is just perfect for autumn, a bright berry shade which has a lovely smooth formula and lasts for a good few days.

Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret Caring hand balm

When it comes to choosing a brand for pampering body products, Rituals ranks quite high on my list. On a recent trip to Austria I found a magazine that had this as a free gift and couldn't resist it. The scent of the cream is quite unusual but really amazing. I can't really find a way to describe the scent, so make sure to give it a sniff if you can, but it is a gorgeous, spa-like scent that immediately makes me feel relaxed. The texture of the product is initially quite rich, but it melts into a thing but nourishing formula that sinks into the skin quickly and makes it feel firm, soft and moisturized.

Eos Lip Balm Sweet Mint
Everyone must have heard about these cute little balls of lip balm by now. I found them on offer when I was shopping online and finally gave into the hype. I really wasn’t expecting to like it so much, but I am actually obsessed with it. It is easy and fun to apply, hydrates the lips and makes them incredibly soft and the mint scent is just another big plus for me, I love a bit of tingling and the slight plumping illusion it gives to the lips. I’ve already used so much of it and will definitely go back for more!

What were your favorite products this months?

Thanks for reading and see you in my next post!

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  1. Čudoviti nabor, The Nudes moram tudi sama izbrskati nazaj ven za jesen :)

    1. Se strinjam, je kar popolna paletka za jesen :)

  2. Zanimiv izbor :) In kar nekaj produktov je šlo na WL :)

    1. Hvala :) Always glad to help empty your wallet :P

  3. super izdelki, sploh Maybelline paletka ter Kiko šminka :) Moj wishlist se spet veča :)

    1. Hvala, saj Kiko šminka bi bla že samo zaradi pakiranja must, ker tak lepo zgleda hh :D

  4. Ah I need that nudes palette, the colours are gorggeousss!! And I love Kiko, the lipstick is beautiful!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. They really are, and are a great dupe for the UD Naked 2 :D

  5. prekrasen izbor :) me pa zanima, kje si kupla te maybelline tekoče šminke ? ker sta ful lepa odtenka in krasno izgledata na tvojih ustnicah ! <3

    1. Ta je iz FragranceDirect naročena :) Tisto, ki sem jo pa že nekaj časa nazaj omenjala sem pa kupila nekje v Italiji :)

  6. Zelo lep izbor :) sem šla danes po tvojem priporočilu v golden rose in sem kupila ta matte lipstick crayon v 02 in matt bordo rdeč lak :) in sem nad šminko že čisto navdušena!

    1. Hvala :) In super, me res veseli da ti je všeč :D

  7. Šminki ti zelo lepo pašata :) sem šla pogledat za ebelinovi gobici, ampak ju žal nisem dobila :(


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