Tuesday 16 December 2014

Blogmas 16: Fantasy eau de parfum

I was browsing through our drugstores the other day and saw a sign in DM that said -35% off the price of selected perfumes. Even though some of the brands on display seemed very interesting, i had a little sniff around, and fell absolutely in love.

I checked to see what perfume I was holding and it was Fantasy eau de parfum by Britney Spears. I was a little bit surprised that I liked a perfume by Britney spears, but I guess you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
It was a love at the first sniff and since the discount was pretty good I decided to buy it.

It is a very sweet and fruity scent and it reminds me of the Escada Magnetism perfume that I mentioned in my high end Christmas wish list. I checked on the internet to see what the notes are and here they are:

Top: kiwi, lychee, golden quince
Middle: jasmine, white chocolate
Base: orris root, musk, woods

I definitely smell lychee, and white chocolate. The white chocolate is what gives this perfume the sweet scent, but lychee keeps it fresh enough to wear. I wasn't surprised that it has note of jasmine, because I find I tend to fall for any fragrance with jasmine in it.
I wasn’t sure about the bottle at first, but now I quite like it. It is a small round pink bottle with green crystals all over it, and it looks like some kind of a potion bottle from a fairy tale –very cute!

I had to share my thoughts on the perfume with you since it would make a lovely gift and it is still on sale until 31.12. in DM's in Slovenia.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Happy holidays,
your Beautysaur


  1. Eden mojih najljubših parfumov:) Sicer pa so vsi ti iz njene Fantasy kolekcije čudoviti:)

    1. Imam občutek da se bo zelo hitro znašel tudi med mojimi najljubšimi :D

  2. Moj naj naj parfum, poleg DKNY Be Delicious. Pa ravno mi ga je zmankalo...koliko mililiterski je tale pa koliko je bil s popustom? :D


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