Sunday 28 December 2014

Blogmas 28: Advice to my younger self

A while ago I read a similar post on Sanja's blog –Sparkle with laughter- and ever since wanted to do one myself.  I think it fits perfectly in this time of year, since we are thinking about New Year’s resolutions and are looking for a way to improve ourselves. Here is what I would tell my younger self if I had a chance to meet me:

(Since this post is a bit of a stroll down the memory lane, I thought I should add some of the (slightly embarrassing) pictures from my younger years –enjoy the pictures of teenage me, who thought how incredibly cool she was! )

Blue eye shadow is forbidden for you (at least until you learn how to blend and wear it properly)

Do NOT cut your own hair. Especially not right above the forehead and not when you are in a hurry.

Foundation is supposed to match your skin, not make it completely pale or orange. (It should also be blended down the neck, not just to the edges of the face)

Eyeliner is not supposed to get smudged under the eye and there actually are some affordable eyeliners that won’t make look like a panda after a few hours

Red lipstick is not the best look on a 11 year old girl, but if you absolutely must wear it, at least try to apply it evenly

There is absolutely no need to wear so much makeup at such a young age

Wash your face regularly; it will help to improve your skin immensely

Friends might seem like they will stay in your life forever, but keep in mind that they (and you) might change and grow apart.

When a hairbrush gets stuck in your hair, get some help, and do NOT cut the whole thing, it might result in some very serious crazy hair

Don’t bite your nails, you’ll suffer because of it for your whole life

Don’t try so hard to grow up, enjoy the stress-free childhood years

Life is not some generic American teen movie, and there is not just one way to have the “right” teenage experience

Fun times and parties will come in time, don’t push it, because it probably won’t end well

Believe in yourself, stand up for what you believe in and don’t let anybody change you!

What would you tell to your younger self?

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Happy holidays,
your Beautysaur

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