Saturday 27 December 2014

Blogmas 27: Sleek Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream

I mentioned this gorgeous item in my Blogmas 26, but I felt like it is so gorgeous that it deserves a separate post.

This is an opaque fuchsia pink lip cream that dries to a complete matte finish.  As the name of the product would suggest, it is very smooth and slides over the lips effortlessly. It demands a lot of caution with application as mistakes are very hard to fix, but it's worth it, because it looks absolutely incredible when it dries. The final effect is a matte finish which makes your lips look like pink velvet.

The lasting power is amazing; I don't even know how long it lasts, because the only tie it wore of was after eating a salad for lunch. Otherwise it stays on my lips until I take my makeup remover and take it off.

It would be a perfect pick for New Year's party and will probably the lipstick I wear on the last day of the year!

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Happy holidays,

your Beautysaur 

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