Monday 8 December 2014

Blogmas 8: I Heart Winter Tag

Do you like the cold?
I love the cold. I never was a particularly summer-y person and I feel much more at home in the cold winter.  After all, you can always put on another layer when you are cold, right?
I love the crisp air and the cold smell in the air, especially when there is snow outside.

Favorite part about winter?
Snow, cold, Christmas, fairy lights, cinnamon, mulled wine,… -I love everything about winter!
What is your favorite Christmas drink?
An honorary mention has to go to my mum's homemade tea –yum! But without the doubt, red mulled wine is a perfect winter drink!

Do you do any outdoor activity in the winter?
Does shoveling count? Besides that I love being in the snow –snow fights, building snowmen, snow forts and long walks with the doggies.
 Favorite winter scent?
In general, I adore cinnamon-y and spicy scents, also orange and cloves, but to be more specific, I recently got a new body spray from H&M and I am obsessed! (I will write more about it very soon!)

Does it snow where you live?
Yes, luckily it does. Unfortunately, we haven't had a white Christmas in a few years, but I have high hopes for this one!
 Favorite clothing item in winter?
My coat –I adore it. And all of my scarves, hats and mittens.

Your favorite winter memory?
The one that came first to my mind is last year's. I got a new dog in the summer and when it snowed for the first time, I took her out to »show« her the snow. She was so confused and afraid of the strange white stuff that appeared from the sky, it was the cutest thing ever! 

 What is your favorite thing about winter?

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Happy holidays,
your Beautysaur


  1. Ta tvoj kužek naredi post zelo poseben, samo njega sem lahko gledala :D pa še sneg in izgleda vse bolj božično :)

  2. Hihi hvala, sej tudi jaz večino svojega dneva samo gledam in se z njo ukvarjam, potem se pa sprašujem zakaj čez dan nisem nič naredila :D

  3. joj upam da letos bo sneg za božič:/

    1. Tud jst :/ Čepou tole toplo vreme ne obeta glih velik snega -.-


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